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Toyota Land Cruiser V8 by Vilner: better than Santa’s sleigh

Тhat combination can be very compulsive


“Black exterior/red interior. Тhat combination can be very compulsive,” says Atanas Vilner. “But when you do your job properly using the right shade of colours, you can do miracles. It works on Porsche’s 930 Targa, we’ve made it work on this Land Cruiser J200, too” adds the founder CEO of Art Studio Vilner. “The red is also a ‘Christmas colour’ so it was very appropriate for our last project for 2017”.

The original dull beige upholstery is now gone and replaced with several tens of square meters of fine leather and Alcantara. The colour: carefully selected soft shade of Bordeaux. The areas for implementing the different materials were also carefully thought-out. Alcantara for the top of the dashboard to reduce windshield dazzling and also for the central console, the bases and the backs of the seats.

Vilner has made serious improvement not only in terms of style, but also in terms of comfort and ergonomics. The front seats for example are swapped for a BMW 5 Series units. “The Comfort seats of the E60 were really good base for a project like LCV8 and they’re significantly better option than the stock ones”. Their faces now feature a red leather with Alcantara and leather pockets on the backs. That composite textile also covers the seat’s bases which are usually left with hard plastic surfaces from the factory. Another ergonomic improvement from Vilner: the steering wheel. That component now features a completely redesigned ring wrapped in black leather.

And not because it’s Christmas time but because of the tradition, Vilner made a sports bag in the same style as the interior. The shoulder strap is actually the same as the seat belts, the handles are made from ‘carbon fibre’ leather and the buckles – from real carbon fibre. You can also see the owner’s initials embroidered on the side of the bag like they are on the seats.

“That black exterior/red interior combo is not a Porsche trademark, but they really know how to make it work. But our project is even more striking, because of the pure scale of LCV8’s interior,” says Vilner.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 by Vilner – a car that can be loaded with a lot of presents and that can deliver them to the Earth's most remote places. And to do it in Vilner’s style.

Art Studio Vilner’s Crew wishes you happy holidays, coziness and the craziest celebration on New Year’s eve!

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