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Jeep Wrangler by Vilner

Mirror caps, headlight bezels, LED taillights, and big black wheels


Based on the Sahara model, the 2014 Jeep Wrangler by Vilner is a luxurious and well-equipped version of the car, boasting special exterior and interior treatment, with more emphasize on the interior, as that’s Vilner’s forte.

On the outside, this Wrangler features some chrome teeth in form of a new font grille, complemented with a set of chrome door handles and mirror caps, headlight bezels, LED taillights, and big black wheels. These bits would feel more at home on a Caddy Escalade, but they do work on the Wrangler as well.

The interior meanwhile is lavishly garnished with red leather and white stitching. It covers almost every surface, and goes well with eh shiny silver plastic trim pieces that spice up the rather agricultural design of the Wrangler’s cabin.

The tuner has also fitted this car with a power module for its 2.8 liter diesel engine that boosts the output to 257 horsepower.

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