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The perfect Camaro by Vilner

The brand new Camaro got its even more brand new interior


“This is impossible,” said the Reason. “This is reckless,” remarked the Experience. “This is futile,” snapped the Pride. “Try it,” whispered the Dream.

Which of them will you trust? One vote for the Dream. And for Nasko Vilner, who made the same choice. And he made one of his dreams come true in a remarkable way.

Atanas Vilner is the owner of a Bulgarian company for vehicle interior and as such he definitely has affinity to cars. He fell in love with the new Chevrolet Camaro the very moment he saw it as a prototype. Three years later, he managed to become one of the first Europeans with the fifth generation of the legendary American coupe. And surely – the first Bulgarian.

At the end of 2009, the aspired Camaro is already a fact for our happy fellow countryman. The dream-come-true for Nasko Vilner arrived in Bulgaria with Silver Ice metallic varnish, V6 engine and manual gear-box. Its power is 312 hp, and the acceleration of the US muscle car is 6,1 sec from 0 to 100 km/h. Sufficient to provide intriguing moments on the road. During some of which the back wheels mark long and smelly lines of rubber on the road...

Since the owner of the grey Camaro is engaged in interior design of vehicles, interference in the interior of the sport coupe is inevitable. Moreover, almost all modern US vehicles are rather simple and too plastic in terms of furniture.

Thus, the brand new Camaro got its even more brand new interior. The front panel, steering-wheel, seats, ceiling - everything is touched by the designer and with a new image. The humdrum black interior is replaced with a stylish combination in grey and brown. Nubuck, aged nappa and chrome cover almost all surfaces in the coupe. In order to turn it into a festival of style and exclusivity. And also into a courtesy of the original from the middle of last century.

The seats are reupholstered in two colors. The seams cut through their surface in the same way as the seats of the first Camaro from the 60ies are made. Chevrolet’s designers have designed a retro hitch in the mileage-meter and cyclometer, which in the Vilner’s version are illuminated in electric blue, accentuated with chrome and covered in aged nappa. Surmounted with large seams in light grey. Just as the leather elements with scorched edges, filigreed on the chromed door handle. This detail is so precisely designed that it creates the illusion that the leather emerges out of the chromed surface.

Brown is the accent on the transmission tunnel, manual brake, awnings and even fragments of the ceiling. Yet, probably the most interesting modification in this Camaro’s interior is the totally new steering-wheel. It gained additional elements, which provide better grasp and the design is more futuristic. The manually sewn leather and nubuck give this steering-wheel the air that only tailor-made vehicles have. Unlike them, however, this vehicle is with totally new noise-isolation, which completely changes the acoustics in the coupe. Since the music (the system is Boston Acoustics) is adjusted for the old levels of noise, it appears to be inappropriate for the new interior. And since it is not cool to have a great car with bad music, some adjustment plays would decide the problem. In order to turn the Camaro into a concert hall on 4 wheels.

The modifications of the US vehicle are not limited to the interior alone. Nasko Vilner’s car got 8-piston brake kits and the halogens gave way to the impressive LED lights. If you take a close look of the wheel rims, you will see impressive Camaro and Vilner inscriptions. Definitely an interesting trick, which is not too pressing. This effect is also noticed in the American Camaro internet forum, where the Bulgarian project won the applauses and admirations of many US fans of the model. To such an extent that one of them said „ ... this interior is a complement to the stylish car design. Very good job...”

This is Vilner’s Camaro. The great American car parts with its minor flaws and turns into the perfect vehicle. Unique, exclusive and very stylish. A real dream. And what are dreams really, except a breath of fresh air for the soul...

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