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TOP DECLASSIFIED: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT by Vilner

For the special forces


Vilner’s last project is no longer a secret. This car is a very special vehicle, not only because it’s based on the most powerful Jeep Gran Cherokee SRT version, but because of three initials. Not the SRT ones (those comes from the name of the Chrysler’s high-performance automotive group Street & Racing Technology) but because of SAS – the British Special Air Service. Those initials are embroidered on the headrests of the front seats, along within the logo and ‘Who Dears Wins’ motto of the SAS.

Everything is completed with respect and excellence. Because this vehicle has been commissioned by a special person whose identity we had to keep secret. We can only tell you that the SAS logo is here for a reason. Vilner kept some areas from the original interior intact. Like the carbon fiber inserts on the dashboard, alongside with some plastic elements. All the rest has been transformed by the minds and hands of Vilner into a special place, worthy to wear those initials.

The color scheme and layout are well though-out. ‘SRT’ logos are also e embroidered on the sun visors. When you look up you’ll also notice the new sealing: red Alcantara and some high quality black textile. The red color is also present in different areas of the cockpit and correlated to the missions of the SAS.

The A-pillars are also ‘flooded’ in red Alcantara which can be found on the doors also and on the central tunnel. The last is traditionally made of hard plastic but now is covered in black/red Alcantara combo. The bottom side of the dash is now one piece with the tunnel via black Alcantara. Gray contrast stitching where they should be, red seat belts and Alcantara wrapped belt locks.

Many manufacturers, even the premium ones, are used to neglect some areas like the basis of the seats. Which is a big mis because you not only put your sight there but also your fingers in search for the seat adjustments. Vilner wrapped those parts in pleasant to touch Alcantara. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT by Vilner. A machine that combines the brutal SRT power with the elegance and originality of the Art Studio Vilner. A combination of qualities that reminds of the efficient way of doing things of other special team. His name is also a three letter abbreviation, but its not the SRT.

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