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The mystique Polish aristocrat: “Single Malt” Jag XJ by Vilner

Is it normal for a car to have a nickname?


And how normal is that nickname to be related to type of alcohol? In this case, the case of that aristocratic club atmosphere of that Jag XJ - it’s more than appropriate.

But who is the owner? We can’t tell you. But we can reveal some characteristics of his attitude through his car. We all know that a car can tell a lot for it’s owner, especially when the machine means a lot for that owner. The fact that this is his first Jag and it stayed in the family for so long is a statement on its own. This is the latest project of Art Studio Vilner and it’s based on a 2005 Jaguar XJ.

The British executive limousine came from Poland and means so much for the owner, who continue to maintain the car in top condition. But some good treatmend was not enough - the polish aristocrat wanted for the Jag to receive a special interior. Not some clash modern stuff but a fine blend of classic elements implemented with a new twist.

The vision was clear. Fine combination of vintage shades, warmness and the feeling of a whiskey and cigar club. Aristocratic heavyness but which does not cover you all. That’s why there is also some fresh and brighter accents.

The materials? White-beige leather and striped Alcantara, plus some definitive pieces of vintage leather. Striped Alcantara is used for the seats and door trims as well for the sides of the transmission tunnel and also for the sun visors. The steering column is stock covered with hard plastic, which Vilner wrapped in brown Alcantara.

The same color as the vintage leather on the wheel and most of the interior. White stitching is used and even the belt mechanisms are hidden in leather pockets. All the original wooden trim elements are left untouched, left in top condition like the car itself. Embroideries? They’re very special for the owner – this is his family’s coat of arm. It’s not just a family car, it’s part of the family. The overall feeling? A genuine club atmosphere where only the bottle of single malt is missing.

For the completeness of the package, there is a special bag - some trademark attitude from Vilner. It’s competed from the exact same materials as the Jag’s interior – vintage leather for the sides; striped Alcantara for the top. Another coat of arm embroidery here as a final touch.

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