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Tesla Model 3 - Fast Fashion vs Vilner Garage

The following project by Vilner Garage is another remake of a Tesla Model 3


You may ask yourself why would someone pay to destroy the factory look of their brand new car - the materials are in perfect condition, you have configured the car to your taste. I mean, there is absolutely no obvious reason for that, right? Well, let me share a secret: Tesla is the fast fashion brand in the automotive industry. However, don’t get me wrong, Tesla as a whole is one of the most innovative and influential companies we’ve seen in this century... it's just that the quality is average and you don’t get a variety of choices. Basically its main advantage is the electric drive and affordability. Which is not insignificant - it's great to take care of the carbon footprint we leave behind. But this does not mean that we should deprive ourselves of comfort and the beautiful things in life...

Now the reveal: Fine brown leather, to the ends of which is delicately sewn tartan gray fabric - from bottom to top. Dashboard, center console, steering wheel, ceiling. Too bold for Elon Musk if you ask me, quite on the spot for Atanas Vilner.

Just take a look at the details from the photos: the delicate gray seam that goes around the door handles, the two-tone steering wheel ring, the soft leather of the armrest, the textile ceiling and the columns that lead to the tartan-covered dashboard ... This is an interior that can be felt with each of our five senses. You see the perfectionism, you smell the scent of luxury and sophistication, you bite your lips - you taste the feeling of satisfaction, you hear the silent rub between the leather and fabric and finally, you feel it. You feel the work of an art God.

The plain paper and its Master. The artist. Only an artist can move his brush over the thin linen threads of the canvas, and when he reveals the final project to the audience, they are left speechless. A sigh, at first. Then silence. You try to understand art, but it doesn't ask you. It just makes you feel. People who ask never reach the climax because they sleep through it. It is that initial moment in which your eyes fall on the canvas. The culmination of art - this is the shortest and fastest orgasm that each of us can reach.

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