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Suzuki Intruder by Vilner. Patina and leather as a piece of art

Can a car be art?


A few years ago TopGear raised a question: “Can a car be art?”

Back then there was an element of joke because of TG, of course, but the topic remained serious and ever lasting, no matter of the polarized opinions. Vilner’s opinion about the theme “Can a bike be art?” is clear, with this unique statement based on Suzuki’s Intruder – this bike says “definitely yes”.

A modern interpretation of the classic cruiser made by Suzuki, which Vilner transformed into one-off mix of traditional leather treatment methods and state of art painting techniques. The result is a true piece of art. This bike is the first machine made by Vilner to present the atelier’s new color palette. It’s finished in “patinated copper” achieved by layering no less than six layers of paint and agents, then finalized with a special set of brushes.

This coating is extremely durable and weatherproof, but also so reel feel to touch because of the texture. The vintage-rat look is boosted by the “copperized” rims and brake rotors. It’s not only this patina effect that carries the bike’s message – the leather elements are all there with their details to confirm Vilner’s Intruder art character.

A natural vegetable-tanned leather that has been hand carved by a traditional techniques, a powerful message from the bull’s skull and also the ‘V’ logo are all there. As a finishing touches, there are the handles made by the same natural material and stitched by leather straps. Can a bike be art? This can.

Vilner would like to thank to Mr. E.B. for all the effort and the support for that great project.

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