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Santa’s electric sleigh - Tesla Model X

"Ho-Ho-Ho" is the only sound you'll hear from Santa this year, but you'll recognize him anyway


Rudolph's red nose, the perfectly arranged decoration of the sleight, the silent sneaking past the homes... Don't be fooled though, nothing in this year’s Christmas Night won’t be what you have imagined or what you've seen in the movies. Why? Because for the first year, Santa's beard won't be white, and the gifts won’t carry a “Made in China” label

This year's preparation for the holiday starts not not by writing a letter, but by sending an email, and instead of the recipient being the Good Old Man, the mail is addressed to Vilner Garage. And it sounds like this:


I spent a lot of time wondering what present I should get for my husband this year, who manages to surprise the children and me every Christmas in the most magical way. Some time ago we bought a family car, which he loves very much and even takes care of it as a third child. Oh, what can i say - men and their toys... I searched the internet for suitable gifts for a car, and just when I decided that everything that is offered on the market is so boring and ordinary, I came across your atelier. To tell you the truth, it didn't take me long to convince myself that you would be this year's Santa's workshop...."

The email finds its continuation at the entrance of Vilner Garage, where headlights of a black Tesla Model X illuminate the studio. A minute later the sender of the email comes out of the car. A woman, on the one hand seeming very anxious, on the other expressing real excitement, who approaches Vilner with confidence and one goal in mind - to make her loved one happy.

"I think it's the first time someone has decided to make a complete makeover to a car without the owner's knowledge. Usually when the car isn't theirs, they come for something small and something rather safe. The challenge here was to varying degrees of complexity, because I had to build an image, an idea from the words of his wife. I had to find out a little more about her husband so I could imagine what he needed and what he likes. I think we both had complete trust in each other during the process - she, because of the various projects I showed her, and I because of her apparent love for him. You know what they say - sometimes the loved ones know you better than you do," - tells Vilner.

It wasn't long before the project was started. In the words of the wife, an image of a true avid auto enthusiast was built. Sports cars, long trips, comfortable rides, individuality... Which, in Vilner's language, means: alcantara, carbon, perforated leather with three-dimensional cushions and the precise workmanship in every detail of his team.

Weeks later, the wife again enters the studio, but this time her step is not so sure, and the anxiety - a prevailing emotion. "What if he doesn't like it?" are the thoughts that creep every inch closer, and echo not only in her mind, but also in the walls of the studio.

The heart beats, the brain blocks, the palms start to sweat.

Then Vilner lifts the curtain, opens the door, and...

The last thing that ricochets in space is the sound of admiration. At the speed of a space shuttle, conflicting thoughts leave the lady's mind, and for a brief moment it empties.

"Are you sure this is the same car i left you?" were the wife's first words after seeing the completed project in person. She literally stood on the side and didn't even dare touch the car, let alone get into it," Vilner said.

After numerous thanks, the car and the lady leave the atelier - the vehicle with a new look, and she with the widest smile in the world. The gift has been placed under the tree.

A few days later, the Tesla found itself again in front of Vilner Garage, but this time instead of fine women's ankles, men's boots sneak out of the vehicle. The gift appears to have been unpacked early. From here there are only two ways out - either you will hear the "I want to change the gift, because i don’t like it.", or…. In fact, there is no other way out - no one goes back to the store with the gift without having something wrong with it.

But the label of our Christmas gift didn't say "Made in China." And this little detail changes the end of our fairy tale.

The owner didn’t come to return the gift from his wife. In his eyes admiration is read, the smile expresses pure joy, and gratitude and approval is shown throughout the expression of the face. Perhaps the most special feeling in the world is to see the ball of emotion when someone opens the gift you’ve prepared for them. Imagine, after all these years, the child in us always remains in search of Santa Claus. By a certain age, you expect to see the White-bearded old man eat the cookies you baked specially for him earlier, and then you realize that Santa Clous doesn't necessarily come with a white beard, he doesn't just visit us at Christmas, and you don't have to explain to him how good you were during the year. Because Santa Claus is not one specific person - he's rather everywhere and everyone. He's in our friends, our family, our colleagues, random people with a big heart... This Christmas just the gift is a bit different, a different type of special, truly personal. This year the gift is labeled "Made by Vilner Garage with love". And there it is, the magic of Christmas. From a loved one, to a loved one, with all the love in the world. From Vilner Garage to you.

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