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Morph by Vilner. With butterfly wings and Rolls style ‘night sky’ inside

This is the first 2017 project for Art Studio Vilner and it’s rather multilayered and on the edge to be provocative


It comes from the Vilner’s China shop and behind this car sits quite interesting story about nature and one of the most beautiful insects of the planet – the butterfly.

Of course, the final look of every care made by Vilner is allays a product of the work of the designers and the craftsmen, but the basic idea comes from the customer. In this particular case the project was commissioned by a Chinese lady who loves and breeds butterflies. And when the life path of some of her beloved insects ended she decided to ‘present their beauty’ by making them part of the interior of her car.

„The owner brought with her some silver little box containing six butterflies. She told us about the stages of butterfly’s life cycle and then presented us with her idea of ‘adding another afterlife phase’ to their transformation.“

The team began to work lead by Mr. Cao Yi, the founder of Vilner China. Mr. Cao had graduated from China's Central Academy of Fine Arts and it’s one of the top sculptors in the country. The final result of the team’s work is spectacular.

The main accent in the car is made by the wings of those butterflies which are ‘implanted’ into the dashboard and the door applications. They’re covered by clear coat which boosts their natural beauty and streaks. Exactly those butterfly wing streaks motive can be found on top of the central armrest, the door panels and the seats. Most of them are wrapped in a combination of black-purple fine leather and a blue-purple alcantara also as a reminiscence of streaks. The round edging makes more natural and biological appeal. The dashboard is also wrapped in alcantara.

Morph though has one more spectacular aspect – that is the ‘night sky’ ceiling, an option that was first introduced to the world by some special edition of the Rolls-Royce Phantom. That is now an RR option that costs around $13k. Vilner team managed to insert optical fibers into the alcantara top to create this spectacular ‘star’ effect. The density of the fibers is not like in the Rolls (there are more than 1300 fibers) but the final result is nevertheless amazing.

Finally, the exterior of Acura MDX ‘Morph’ which also benefits from the nature’s stile. All the blue accents are finished in the way that they seams to be covered with fine dust. This is another redirection to the butterfly’s wings. The main color is very dark purple with textile texture.

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