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Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabrio by Vilner Design

Достатъчни са около 20 секунди и покривът потъва в задната част на автомобила


“20 seconds later and the soft top hides away into the car’s rear deck. In even less time, you can decide whether you love or don't what shows up underneath”, says Atanas Vilner. “Very often your opinion is formed in even less than the 3,9 seconds it takes for the car go to 100 kph”.

In this case Vilner took his time. Because he examines car interiors not like the usual customer but also from an art perspective. “The factory design, fit and finish of the S-Class are definitely up to the car’s status, no doubt about that. But, sometimes you can initiate a totally different experience inside with just a little touch,’’ according to Vilner.

Moderate individualization for maximum effect. That was Vilner Design’s approach for this Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabrio. Instead of totally redesigning the seats, the team left the central sections intact. Vilner crafted new sides from brown perforated leather, which softly continues to the lumbar support area. The result is homogeneous but contrasting look at the same time. All the white threads are laid in a wave pattern. The pattern also contrasts with the stock geometrical stitching. The door covers are reimagined with the same art concept.

Carefully designed perforation pattern. Those little holes are not positioned like so by chance. They are cut in a way that no stitching goes through the perforated areas. The pattern itself reminds of the classic quilt but its more rounded and modern. Vilner Design used the exact same leather for the seats sides as Mercedes-AMG for the dashboard.

A key element. Car manufacturers often neglect the car key finish. This can be said even for the lock/unlock device of this Merc S63. It looks the same as for other models and it has stayed the same for more than 10 years. Only the AMG logo makes it a tad more special. Vilner Design used the same fine leather to wrap the key as for the inside of the car. Now the Affalterbach emblem stands out even more and the device itself is definitely a more stylish and personalized accessory. It now also gives much nicer feeling when held in hand.

Added style.

This is the end result. A respectful continuation of the factory Mercedes-AMG ideas but with a twist. Those who encounter the car on the streets of Monte Carlo – where the owner spends his holidays - will appreciate the car’s interior. Even if they see it for less than 3,9 secs.

‘Less is more?’ It’s not always true this principle, except for when it’s adopted by Vilner Design.

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