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Jeep Wrangler Hunting Unlimited by Vilner

Art from leather and metal.


Raw and without compromises. These words are the perfect description of the newest project of Art Studio Vilner’s Chinese department. And the word ‘art’ is the third that can sum up the natural brutality of this Wrangler. The car is conceived by a local customer which is both a sculptor and a hunter. This may sound strange to some of you but the profession can differ by the hobby which is good thing and – for us - needs to be that way.

A central statement inside the car is the top of the gear lever, detail which is an art by definition. This hand made brass skull simbolizes the transience of life. He’s natural coldness contrasts with the warmness of the surrounding leather. The customer had a clear concept: raw and robust look, completed by high quality natural materials. An effective combination of metal and leather.

Wrought brass had been used for the air vent bezels and for the doorhandles. The rest of the car’s cockpit is wrapped in natural vegetable-tanned leather. Everything but the seats which are covered in much darker ‘Оld Тobacco’ vintage leather. At the back there are a set of natural vegetable-tanned bags for the hunting equipment. The leather of the steering wheel is artificially aged, again in the spirit of that transience.

‘Outside line’ follows the same naturally orientated pattern as the interior. The art workers at Vilner treated the surfaces by stripping them to bare metal. Then the metal had been treated to rust and after that all the panels were sealed by special clear coats and techniques. Rat rod style approach for that American off-road icon Wrangler. Those ‘non-road’ capabilities are further stretched: FOX suspension parts, boosted suspension travel, higher ground clearance, a set of 37-inch ВFGoodrich Krawler T/A rock crawling tires and а powerful Warn winch.

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