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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

The bad boy with a plush heart


The following project from Vilner Garage is typical in the style of the studio, and yet, in a fraction of a second, you'd think the interior came out of the Jeep factory before your gaze is nailed either by the bright red belts or the contrasting white seams that shape the soft cushions which define the soul of "The Bad Boy with a Plush Heart." In fact, wherever you gaze falls, you will recognize Vilner's signature in every detail - uncompromising quality and a memorable design.

"The interior is as unexpected as it is a natural extension of the philosophy of the car. We bet on the hexagonal reliefs along the central part of the front and rear seats to complement the dynamics of the 6.4-litre engine, and the perforated leather here was a must because of the ventilation for the seats," Vilner reveals.

*Short lyrical deviation: Let there be no confusion - at Vilner Garage, the word "mandatory" is rare, most often it is used only because of technical cases with which they simply have no choice but to comply, as in this case.

We return to the essentials - the changes in the interior of the car do not end there - in fine napa leather are also sewn the door crusts and the entire middle console from the dashboard to the armrest, so wherever you lean, you will not feel like you are in a matchbox.

"The owner of this Jeep has been a customer of the brand for years, but he was about to replace it with another car, in which when he steps inside, he will feel like he was at home - cozy, soft and everything furnished to his taste. The joy in his eyes, after seeing the finished project, is the reason I know that I created something special, something personal," Says Atanas. "And that's where my motivation is rooted, that's where my passion feeds, because for an artist there's no greater recognition than being chosen over and over again," he adds.

And no, people do not choose Vilner Garage because of the name, but because the projects of the studio do not just go unnoticed, they inspire, fill the soul and make you dream. They are hope and longing - for the moment, for tomorrow, for the next week, when with your old new car, you will look at the world through other eyes. Or, as in this case, comfortably behind the wheel of your favorite car, which you don't have to replace because it's finally "Your car, your idea inside."

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT by Vilner Garage:

Engine: 6.4L V8

Output: 475 hp and 470 Nm

Acceleration: 0 - 100 km/h for -

Changes made include:


  • Door crusts – reupholstery with fine napa leather

  • Entire middle console + armrest – reupholstery with fine napa leather

  • Seats (back + front) – three-dimensional reliefs, contrasting stitches, perforated leather

  • Colorful seatbelts

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