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Gentle Pagoda from Studio Vilner

To be born in 1963. In the times when the cars were only for the chosen ones


When they were produced only for the chosen ones. When the speed was not the same as nowadays and when the fashion was different. In the times when 300 SL (W 198) and 190 SL (W121 BII) were modern, but not yet legendary.

Getting on in years like a real man, in order to turn into a classic – deserving attention and admiration. Based on Studio Vilner's novel – with Mercedes-Benz W113 Pagoda as the protagonist.

Typically for Vilner's style: the legendary automobile got some light exterior interventions And complete renewing of the interior. The colors are warm and vintage – café and latte.

Every element and small detail has been taken care of. The workmanship is precise; the material is high-quality leather in two colors with a plenty of decorative and light seams. The dashboard is upholstered; the chromed elements and mahogany steering wheel are renewed. Even the trunk is now luxuriously made like a boutique jewellry box. The eponymous hard car roof of "Pagoda" – as a part of the interior – received the necessary dosage luxury and stile. Tenderly embroidered Gentle Pagoda labels adorn the car interior, and are also present in the cabin. Those are also engraved on the door ledges – in aluminum and artificially made to look older.

Studio Vilner touches the classic and revives it – with the necessary attention and endeavor!

Like in the old times... when the cars were only for the chosen ones.

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