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Ford Mustang GT with seats wrapped in genuine mustang leather

A project by Vilner Beijing


Ford Mustang is a legend. The history of this car is worth to be repeated because it deserves it. The first production model was show to the public at New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964, two months and nine days after the Beatles first came to New York. It went on sale at Ford dealers that same day with a record sales numbers. Until the end of 1964 Ford sold 97 705 ‘Notchback’ Coupes and 28 883 more convertibles. Next year there was a new version - Fastback, that elegant roof line sweeping to the back and a shape that most of us associates Mustang with.

The latest Mustang Coupe MkVI is also a Fastback and it’s the first Mustang made according to the European way of thinking. It’s the first Mustang with independent rear suspension and also the first to have a… 2.3-litre 4 cylinder engine. This particular car is a 5.0 V8 GT version with 442 hp and a good V8 rumble that perfectly suits Mustang. And nevertheless the huge quality leap for the interior compared to the MkV, the owner wanted something rather more special. He wanted not only a genuine leather but a leather from a real mustang horse. Complete with the hair...

This somewhat controversial was undertaken by Vilner’s China shop. And the customer was determined: “This is a real Mustang, I want the leather to be from a mustang as well”. Team Vilner decided that it’s most appropriate to use the ‘hairy’ leather bits for the sides of the seats. The rest was also wrapped in horse leather entirely by hand. If you look up closely you’ll notice those beautifully executed hand perforated elements. The strings are in Bordeaux red, as the seat belts and the seams around the hand brake which is also wrapped in mustang’s leather.

Almost all of the other details are covered in fine Alcantara. The door panels, the dashboard, the wheel which is a combination of leather/Alcantara and the ceiling. The last one was hand painted with two cobras according to the client’s wishes. This is another throwback to the Shelby Mustangs, but executed in traditional Chinese style. There is also a metal plate with a serial number and a Мustang MkI image engraved. Appropriate final touch to this unique project.

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