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Ferrari California T by Vilner Garage

An epitome of eternal passion


Story begins in 2008 when the name “California” is brought back in the Ferrari model rank. The new Ferrari California is a revolution for the Italian automaker - it’s the first car with a front mounted V8 engine, the first to introduce a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and the first hard top cabriolet. Followed by its successor - the Ferrari California T, which made its debut in 2015, the last California model for now is a true epitome of sport, affordability and class. The Great Einstein once said: “The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn, art introduced me to the Revolution!” Now the story continues just how it started - with the ability to create art, that later evolves into revolution.

Bold, bright, sensational, sporty, elegant. Even Atelier Ferrari couldn't have reimagined the California T the way Vilner did, not because they don’t have the imagination or resources, but simply because they have limits. And here comes Atanas Vilner - the man of art, the man of inspiration, the man of ideas, the man without limits… The man who makes dreams come true. The end result? Your next temptation - Ferrari California T by Vilner Garage.

“ know - like sport and passion. А bit more classy then extravagant, but still expressing lot’s of dynamics and sensuality. Whereas other times I choose a different design approach, for example a 60’s interior in Tesla, or a classy leather upholstery in a Trabant, for this project I never imagined to go too far from the classic Ferrari style.” - tells Atanas Vilner.

“Everything here is about passion and feelings. Red was just the natural choice - fine leather covering the curves and turns on each panel, and contrasting white stitches that put everything together. I wanted to recreate the feeling of a woman's lingerie - to arouse the men and make women feel comfortable and sexy inside.” - added Vilner, laughing

And there you have it - the embossed upholstery, which wraps around the entire front and is carried through the doors makes it look like the car is in desperate need to feel the air rushing inside at 200 km/h. Next, the carbon elements that help make these 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h the most memorable, followed by alcantara on the steering wheel, which is precisely sewn in the right places so that it touches the nerves on the fingers delicately, and the leather pieces, which ensure a good grip, even in the most extreme moments…

“We didn’t touch the original paint of the Ferrari due to the owner's request. I really wanted to add some of the Fruit of Temptation to a visible spot from the outside, so we agreed to paint the spokes of the rims in the same red color used for the interior.” - continues Atanas.

The culmination of the story are these precisely hand crafted bags. In the spirit of the car, these are the accessories that will accompany you in the most special moments.

“The meaning of our work lies here: we help clients find what they really like through numerous consultations, show them already completed projects and solve problems together. Even in cases where the customer comes and leaves their car without pretensions, simply because we are Vilner Garage, we want to be sure that this won’t become simply the next “Wow” project for a couple of days, but will be a one of a kind masterpiece that reflects the soul of the owner. I guess all the magic is in the constant communication and personal attitude - whether it's a change of seat belts or a complete transformation for a car like Ferrari. Vilner Garage is for everyone with love for art, cars and most of all with a love for themselves. "- adds Vilner.

And what better way to show others a piece of your soul than to choose Vilner Garage?

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