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Electric shock: Tesla Model X by Vilner

Tesla Motors is making the future.


With man like Elon Musk in charge and a model range that just became wider, with the introduction of the Model X. A model that is so important and that is almost 200 hp more powerful – in the P90D version - than the Cayenne Turbo S. One full tank for the Cayenne can cost you [In Bulgaria] approx. 120 euros, and one ‘fill up’ of the Tesla’s 90 kWh battery is just around 10 euros. And, besides that, the Model X is not exactly a slow car either: 0-100 kph in just under 3.5 sec. Unbelievable.

But let’s not compare the two cars and focus on the last ‘2016’ project of Art Studio Vilner, which is based on Model X P90D. An ambitious task, especially when the owner – a men that already owns two more Teslas - wanted even more quiet cabin. Once disassembled, the interior reveled how good the car was sound deadened from the factory. Nevertheless Vilner team managed to create the most silent Tesla cabin in the world by adding extra insulation on some strategic areas of the car’s body.

The main color accent inside is the turquoise color, which can be associated as ‘the color of electricity’. Seat belts and the edging of the carpets are competed in that color. Even more ‘electric’ motives are the graphics that represent the printed circuit board pattern. That PCB motive can be found on the front central sections of the seats, where the V logo has been embroidered.

The same ‘conductive tracking’ pattern covers the back of the seats and also on the bottom side of the dashboard binnacle, in form of a turquoise embroidery. The car came out of the factory with a carbon fiber pack, which Vilner left untouched, but added even more on the exterior. Carbon fiber front lip, mirror caps and rear spoiler with T logo egged in turquoise color. The brake calipers are also painted in the same ‘electric’ color and Dark Plutonium Silver is used for the makeover of the 20-inch wheels. And, of course, there is a sports bag.

Every special project done by Vilner comes with an equally special bag. Here we have a fine leather, Tesla Motors logo embroidered in turquoise, another PCB motive and a strap with carbon fiber buckles. There is no doubt that this is one of the most exclusive Tesla cars, not only in Bulgaria.

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