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Christmas miracles: Vilner presents this unique BMW E30 M3 Evo

Once upon a time, there was a BMW E30 M3, dreaming to become the best on the Balkan Peninsula...


A dream that came true just in time for Christmas. But, this miracle wasn’t created in Santa’s workshop in Lapland, but by Vilner Garage in Sofia. A shop famous for its high-quality custom builds.

This is definitely the most valuable present for every fan of this car make – a unique BMW E30 M3 Evo by Vilner.

The interior concept. “Vintage styled textile, whose design makes a strong impression amongst all. And among the purist fans as well,” says Atanas Vilner. Considering the legendary status of the E30 М3, the task was far from easy.

Inside you’ll find a set of racing inspired Sparcos. They’re wrapped in checkered textile fabric with leather edges. The same fabric is used for the doors, gear lever boot, the ceiling and even on the parcel shelf.

“It’s not only just for style purposes. This fabric is super functional too. It’s very robust and comfortable, especially during the hot season,” adds Vilner. Leather wrapped Momo Prototipo adds another classic style portion inside.

The overall feeling in the cabin? A very special mix of racing machine and unique street car feel. The former’s true due to the roll cage, the seats with their sports harnesses, and the metal floor panels which read “Race Shoes Only”.

The mandatory ‘Vilner’ plate. It is done in gloss black and positioned exactly where it should be.

The exterior concept. Christmas red. Or, more specifically, the very rare ‘Imola Red II’. It makes all the Evo panels (only the carbon fiber bumper is not an ОEМ part, but the original piece arrived just after the photoshoot) look even more dramatic.

Attention to detail. A set of lightweight 18’ BBS RK, tinted Hella lights with wipers at the front and a set of special taillights as well. Every part of that project is here because it should be, not because ‘that would do’.

The technical side. It’s definitely faster than Santa’s sleigh. The power comes from a S50B32 in-line 6 picked from Е36 M3, which spins-up to 9000 rpm. Suspension components are KW and everything else is the best on the market.

“The philosophy here was the same one followed by Singer Vehicle Design - ‘Everything is important’. From the materials used, through their configuration and the final finish,” says Vilner.

Christmas miracles do exist and that E30 M3 Evo by Vilner is a very bright example. A project that is arguably one of the best on the Balkan Peninsula.

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