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Bentley Continental GT by Vilner

After months of what seemed like endless teasing, Bulgarian tuning firm, Vilner, has finally released its beyond-insane program for the 2013 Bentley Continental GT.


We all know Vilner as crafters of some of the best interior programs in the business, but it really outdid itself this time. This extensive project also included some insane work on the exterior and, best of all, a performance program that really gave the Continental GT some serious horses under its hood. It was a project that took eight months to build, but it sure was worth the wait; wasn’t it?

To the person who owns this Continental GT, we have no problem believing that you are a very happy person. We would be, too, if Vilner did this to our Bentley. That is, if we happened to have a Bentley.

The original color of this Continental GT was Racing Green. Apparently, the owner wasn’t too fond of it, so he decided to change it to Gray Graphite Matte, which looks pretty awesome itself. But Vilner didn’t stop there, because one look at the Continental GT and you can already see that it’s noticeably different. That, of course, is attributed to all the carbon-fiber aero components Vilner fitted onto the car. The new wide fenders, in particular, are downright stunning. Both the front and rear fenders have been extended by 5 cm (1.97 inches) and 8 cm (3.15 inches), respectively, so you see the more pronounced profile of the Continental GT. Likewise, the tuner also added a new carbon spoiler up front and on the rear, and a new rear diffuser, rounding up what certainly looks like a Continental GT that nobody should be messing with.

The interior of the Continental GT is where Vilner is an expert at. With the client wanting to achieve a distinct individualization for his beloved Bentley meant commissioning a tuner that knows a thing or two about individualization was a priority. That’s Vilner, and judging by the look of the interior, the client made a fine choice. Check out the materials used by Vilner in the interior: black Alcantara; black leather; black exotic leather (apparently, that’s different); and cobra pattern.

That’s luxury redefined, fellas. Also, stock Saffron interior and the brown wooden applications were replaced with a darker and classier black color with matching Bordeaux accents. The seats also come with Bentley’s iconic logo. If you look closely, the wings on the logo have been embroidered in Bordeaux stitching while the "feathers" were incorporated in wooden elements. Look up and you’ll see that the ceiling now spots a very posh Black Alcantara wrap with decorative patterns that you can also see on the seats.

If you thought Vilner was all about style, you’d be partly right. It did make an exception for this Continental GT, though. At the behest of the owner, the Bulgarian tuner was able to upgrade the car’s performance numbers, improving it from 560 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque all the way up to 660 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque, good enough to allow the Continental GT to hit a top speed of 202 mph, a noticeable improvement from the 197 mph top speed in in standard configuration. It’s a one-off creation built for a client so we’re not surprised that no pricing details were released.

Suppose you have a Bentley Continental GT and you want it to receive the full breadth of aftermarket goodness. After seeing this, Vilner’s a pretty good choice, right? Well, if you have alternatives in mind, you can head over to Switzerland to pay Mansory a visit.

In conclusion: Talk about a pleasant surprise. That’s the feeling we had when we saw this program. It’s far from the best of all the Continental GT aftermarket projects we’ve seen, but it’s definitely right up there as one of the few we’d love to see get done on our Continental GTs.

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