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Agent undercover, retired - VW Up GTI from Vilner Garage

It's well known that good girls like bad boys, but what do bad boys like?


The answer is simple - bad cars. The next car we're about to tell you about doesn't have a powerful V12 under the bonnet, no stunning acceleration. It's not the latest Porsche Turbo or any other space shuttle. It's a VW Up GTI. And if you happen to have not yet seen the photos and wonder why this car deserves your attention, stay only a few more lines and do not look at the photographs, because before Vilner Garage shows you how undercover agents are being retired, we will tell the story.

Nothing creates nostalgia for cars from the 1980s more than the combination of peptic fabric, manual speeds and maximum simplified interior. The current VW Up GTI (2018 - ) is the modern reading of the first generation of Golf GTI models, which remains in history as the third best car of the 80s, thanks to the fuel injection technology through which they have achieved power of 100 horsepower. Going back to the 21st century, the interior of the Up GTI is one of the boldest and most beautiful among its class. The tartan on the seats, the red pixel panel and the red contrast seams of the steering wheel, seem the right formula to bring retro back into fashion.

But something's missing. Something outside makes this Up GTI more faceless than a bright red Ferrari on Friday night in front of the Monte Carlo Casino. And that had to be changed. The undercover agent had to be retired.

"I was looking at different projects on the Internet when I came across one made by Milltek. I immediately recognized myself in it and wished to have the same car. The improvements to the specific VW Up GTI were not only optical, there were also engine tune, suspension, interior trim.. However, I didn't need this type of makeover. What really grabbed me was the exterior work. That same day, I contacted Nasko and asked him if he could transform my car. As you can see, there have been no fluctuations on his part," the car owner says with a smile on his face.

"It is not uncommon for us to have customers who like a project on the Internet to come to us with the idea of making their car one-on-one with the one seen. Of course, this is technically impossible, because the artist can not help but leave a personal imprint on his creation, and yet it is not right to copy. Milltek is a great tuning company and VW Up GTI's project has done them very well. " " says Atanas Vilner.

Vilner Garage took the idea for the project from Milltek, and Vilner himself broke every detail through his own prism. And while at first glance the cars look similar, if you look closely, you'll find the signature of the studio behind each curve. From the broken shape of the quadrilaterals to their arrangement on the coupe, this project combines Milltek's genius and Vilner Garage's creative talent.

"I think the car worked out great. The number 21 has a lot of importance and sentiment for the client, so we replaced the original 35 with it. It is important for us not only to take into account every customer's desire, but also to create author's projects. I really think this is the project that best describes this particular philosophy of ours and shows that we value and respect the work of our colleagues," Vilner added.

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