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Above and Beyond. Vilner’s 20th Anniversary RR Sport

LR’s advertisement slogan sits so in place for the newest and one of the most extensive projects of Art Studio Vilner.


Above and Beyond. LR’s advertisement slogan sits so in place for the newest and one of the most extensive projects of Art Studio Vilner. This is one of the most extensively changed interiors made by Vilner. It’s based on a LR Range Rover Sport which was already been tuned by the British tuner Barugzai. The car was overhauled and modified for the purpose of being a price for the TV show “Britain’s Got Talent”, and after wining it, the guy sold the LR.

The new owner then decided that he wants something more special for his new BGT car. And that way the Sport came to Bulgaria to become the second car that bears the special „Vilner’s 20th Anniversary“ stamp. The main style line here is made by thinned Alcantara. This technique is used for the first time by Vilner. With its interesting 3D presence it makes the cabin feel special, but without being ‘too much’, thanks to the soft brown color. A perfect balance has been achieved. The thinned Alcantara can be found on the air vents, the central console and doors, on the sun visors and also in the form of stripes on the seats and the roof lining.

The rest of the cabin is submerged in white and brown leather, stitched together with threads of the opposite color. Door handles inside are beautifully crafted pieces: leather strands that are equally good to look at and also pretty effective as a hand grips. Near them you can find the metal stamps that Vilner puts only on his most special projects.

Soft Milk White and Chocolate Brown are the dominant colors in this LR Sport by Vilner. Black Alcantara has been used to cover all the hard plastic pieces. The central mirror housing, the steering column and even the dashboard sides which are usually hidden by the closed doors. Barugzai’s body kit is kept intact for the exterior.

Vilner modified only the aesthetics of the rims: the 22-inch wheels received a Gun Metal Grey matte and the ‘B’ logo of the British tuner has been changed from golden to silver. Vilner left the ‘B’ logo as a sign of respect to Barugzai’s work. And at the end, the last piece of that special 20th Anniversary project – the bag. Brown seat belt strap, carbon fiber buckle and thinned Alcantara. The metal stamp is also present here to mark the speciality of the whole craft. Above and Beyond attitude to the last detail.

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