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Sky’s the limit: Ford Mustang GT Convertible by Vilner

“Of course, there is an obvious reason for us showing you two projects based on the same model, side by side. It’s a showcase of our different stages of personalization,” says Atanas Vilner which leads his atelier for more than 20 years now.


Good move from Vilner Garage, a move which brightens up two aspects of their work: first, that even some small changes of small details, done the right way on the right places, can make quite a big difference in the way how a car’s interior feels like. And second – that the stage of personalization only depends form the client’s whishes and the sky is the limit.

The way that two cars feels now? On another level, both of them, in terms of looks, quality and overall feeling. Vilner Garage has spent vast amounts of fine leather and Alcantara. Combination of materials which wraps almost all (depends of which care you’re looking) the scratchy plastic inside, converting it into some noble feeling surfaces, both on touch and look. A hallmark: embroidered‘Mustang’ logo, galloping on the door covers and carpets.

On both cars: the steering wheel is a piece of art. Two types of leather for the ring, Alcantara for the center bit and ‘racing style’ central marker on the highest point. You can see a high quality ‘V’ logo badge on the bottom of the wheel (the ‘non striped ‘Stang’) and scaled down continuationof the exterior stripes to the steering wheel and seats of the striped car.

“Personalizing a vehicle is not a rocket science when your budget is unlimited. But when it comes to x amount of resources, and that x is a small one… here is where the atelier’s art of imagination and craftsmanship becomes obvious,” summarizesAtanas Vilner.

2016 Ford Mustang GT Convertible,5,0 V8, 418hp., 530Nm,, RWD, 1810kg.

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