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Range Rover Autobiography by Vilner Garage

In the valley of the Charente river


At the heart of the highest quality and impressive brandies of all, stands nothing else, namely ordinary white wine. Mostly boring, relatively commercial and often with a lack of rich taste - nothing bad, of course, everyone has their own preferences. But as you know well (or are yet to find out), in Vilner Garage's studio, white wines are ordered only for cheers, and specifically in today's episode, brandy is the main alcohol that will reach the deepest receptors of your life... Warmed glass - slightly raised and with a wide base, the aroma of vanilla from a cigar, a dimmed light that breaks through the color of the cognac while you are carefully pouring it into the glass, and a soft female vocal in the background.

Get comfortable in your favorite armchair, because we are about to follow the fine process of converting white wine into cognac. I mean, the captain's subtle makeover - Range Rover Autobiography.

The art of Cognac production begins with the transportation of already fermented white wine to professional distillery houses. A house like this is located in Sofia, 3 St. L. Kostov str. - you will recognize it by the sign “Vilner Garage”. And just as the cognac is distilled into exotic-looking saids of a special type called "alambik," so Vilner's studio isn't just just another makeover garage…

On a sunny day, in the otherwise considered by many a gloomy 2020 year, a special shipment of white wine in an expensive and dark bottle labeled Autobiography arrives in the studio. Vilner's team removed the cork from the neck of the bottle and sips from the drink - heavy grape variety, probably chardonnay, nice craftsmanship, pleasant taste and... and nothing special, really.

"I'm looking for something individual, exclusive and memorable. I want my Autobiography to be part of my biography, not of Range Rover," the car owner said. "I love different tastes, the ones that caress the palate and make you go back to them at every turn," he adds.

As you might expect, Vilner Garage's distillery is the perfect place for the process. And while fine cognac reaches its peak after 70 years of ageing, for Vilner's masters, the magic happens more explicitly. Don't be fooled, however, every art takes a certain amount of time…

Behind good cognac lies its assembly - the blend. Vilner takes an idea from the original design features in the newer Autobiography models and pours them on a piece of paper, where with the original signature of the studio he blends the mixture of inspiration and art. The process is complex, extremely precise and not for everyone. An expert who knows every ingredient, fragrance and technique is needed. It takes not only a connoisseur, but also talent.

We start from the touches in the appliqués surrounding the center console, the ducts of the air conditioner, the door panels, and those on the steering wheel - dark pieces of fragrant wood are added to the honey color of the cognac. Now the finished product resembles a zebra pattern. The dashboard retains a wooden color, and for a memorable taste, Vilner leaves a piece of the original white wine - contrasting white seams. The transformation of the leather elements is an excitement of three-dimensional shapes that gently cover the back, hips, arms and back of one's head... Like the first sip of cognac - a feeling of bliss and tranquility. And when the owner gets in his car, he will no longer feel entangled under the dark ceiling, but will feel the freedom of the colorful alcantara, which optically enlarges the space. Finishing touches - colorful seat belts "Vilner".

Time for degustating.

I never had any doubts about my choice or doubt in Nasko, but when I saw my car, I confess, I doubted my own eyes! I never imagined that a 50-year-old company - a leader in luxury interiors - would pale in comparison to his talent. [Vilner's]" - shares with excitement the customer.

(And a brief lyrical diversion - Vilner Garage itself this year turns 25 years old!)

It seems that in a world where everyone finds themselves talented and able, a diploma of education is easier to get than ever, and specialization remains only for mosquitoes, true art still can’t be lost, neither wrong nor duplicated…

For some, this story may have been enough company to finish their glass of cognac, and for those who know that there are moments that should not be rushed, but only enjoyed, we recommend a soon visit to the best place for cognac production in the world - the Valley of the Charente River. I mean, the best place for car makeovers - St. 3 L. Kostov str., 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Look for Vilner Garage.

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