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Maserati GranCabrio Sport by Vilner

If only Maserati could produce an interior of this quality that looked even half as spectacular


“I've always adored the car from the moment I got it. It shares a lot of technologies with Ferrari, but the largely vinyl interior has always been easily damaged and degraded. The new interior by Vilner is simply wonderful. If only Maserati could produce an interior of this quality that looked even half as spectacular. It finally has an inside to match the outside.“

These are the words that came from the owner of this beautiful GC Sport. The car was especially driven from the UK to be totally redone by Art Studio Vilner. “You'll go to Bulgaria only for that interior?” This question was addressed to the British owner not once or twice. After visiting several UK based tuners, he finally decided to trust Vilner. His afterwords are proof that this was the right decision.

Vilner respects the forms and the presence of one of the most beautiful GT cabrios in the modern history of the class. The model is not new, but still up to date and continues to be a benchmark in terms of lines, proportions and style. Also the sound of that n/a 4.7-litre 450 hp V8 is an amazing topic on its own, that the retractable top converts into even grater acoustic event.

The exterior is kept without changes – the 'Rosso Trionfale' color, the beautiful black 'Astro' 20-inch wheels and all. Inside though is a totally different story. The 'Bianco Pregiato' finish is now history. Instead, there is a noble and quality execution all over. Soft brown leather and bordeaux accents converts the four seat space into a very special place that is expected from such a car. The white stitching serves as a precision 'framing' and finalizes the look, Alcantara/high-quality leather for the sun visors ans the door panels for example are 'framed' with white stitching that attracts the focus to the beautiful panel itself.

So discreet and so deeply minded at the same time, are the front belt-leaders, the locking mechanisms of the belts and the door handles. They are made of two layers of skin with the outer layer perforated. This design resembles the old school driving glove, a gentlemen's must-have from the olden days.

All the hard surfaces like the base of the seats of this Maser CG Sport have been wrapped in fine Alcantara. The inside mirror received a brown leather front frame and the back - black Alcantara, while the original plastic dashboard and door inserts have been lacquered in black from their standard ivory color. The black coating is especially in place on top of the gear knob, where the chrome Neptune's Trident is now more prominent. The red leather wrapped cluster overhang finalizes the front part of the cockpit.

Even the plain pointing out of all the elements that have been modified will cover several pages. The Bose speakers covers are also colored in brown, the red anti-rolbar covers at the top deck, the full black Alcantara roof lining, the floor mats with their red edges, and yes, the luggage compartment - there you can see the Neptune's Trident embroidered.

The bag? Vilner's trade mark. Hand bag hand crafted in the same spirit as the car itself. A red handles that are stitched together using the same technique as for the steering wheels, and a shoulder strap that finishes with a carbon fiber buckle, resembling the seat belts metal one.

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