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Fibra dе Carbono Rosso. Alfa Romeo Spider specially treated by Vilner

Pure art on wheels


Vilner wanted to create a design masterpiece which is in perfect harmony with the character of the car. The name of the project? Fibra de Carbono Rosso.

Since this is a cabriolet, the interior is an integral part of the design. Therefore Vilner could not indulge in not making the cabin a statement of art. First, the specialists created a special carbon composite, which seems to pervade the color of the exterior surfaces. The carbon fibers here have been mixed with Kevlar, and this combination is found applied on many of the cockpit's details.

Precisely, the appliqués on the center console and the steering wheel, the door handles are molded from carbon fiber. The steering wheel itself has been entirely transformed. Its entire shape has been changed and now includes a bezel at the bottom, giving it more ergonomic grip. Furthermore, it has been upholstered in leather, contrasted by white stitching and the carbon fiber-Kevlar mix on its appliqués has the same 45-degree angle as these on the composite of the center console.

Continuing to the seat belts, they have been dressed in cherry purple red. This is not aimlessly done, but almost mimics the color of the individualized seats. Almost, because the design of the seats makes a mirror effect. Precisely, the elements on the right are made cherry blossom red leather, while on the left - of black material. The same approach has been used for the door panels.

At last, there is a particular detail on the seats of the Fibra de Carbono Rosso. Their central part features the so called 3D net – a special material, which underlines the sporty appearance of the seat, but also includes a porous structure, providing the necessary ventilation during the hot summer days.

Outside, there is a new color called Vilner Milano Rosso, which was developed by the studio for the personalized Alfa Romeo MiTo some time ago. The changes continue with detailed application of black lacquer, "black connection" between the taillights and black rings around the headlights.

Headlights have been too painted in Milano Rosso. At last, the tarry alloys, door handles and blinkers round out the modifications on the outside. - new color as the Alfa MiTo by Vilner - Vilner Milano Rosso - black gloss – headlights, taillights band between handles, rim - steering wheel with new ergonomic shape - carbon kevlar - special stereo

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