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The exterior showcases a blend of classic and modern design elements. The LED headlights serve as both daylights and blinkers, providing a contemporary touch. All panels have undergone a comprehensive revision, and the roof now bears a "21" graphic reminiscent of the salon.


Additionally, the rims are adorned with a textile cover and caps bearing the owner's favorite number.


The interior is upholstered with a combination of textile and antique leather. The seats are adorned with "Ivory Soft" leather, and a checkered textile is incorporated in the center.


The headrests deliberately retain their original shape. The dashboard also combines natural textile with "Charcoal Black" antique leather.


The headliner is completely enveloped in checkered textile.

The Momo steering wheel is wrapped in black leather and stitched with contrasting seams. The emblem bearing the number "21" is positioned in the center.