Toyota Land Cruiser V8 by Vilner: better than Santa’s sleigh


The original dull beige upholstery is now gone and replaced with several tens of square meters of fine leather and Alcantara. The colour: carefully selected soft shade of Bordeaux. The areas for implementing the different materials were also carefully thought-out. Alcantara for the top of the dashboard to reduce windshield dazzling and also for the central console, the bases and the backs of the seats.


Bulgaria with gold at SEMA in Las Vegas. The 888 horsepower Tramontana shows its Bulgarian interior from Vilner


AD Tramontana is a small manufacturer of cars in limited numbers. Each vehicle comes with different and individually crafted interior which is developed by Vilner in Bulgaria. This particular show car at SEMA highlights the latest evolution of the partnership between Vilner and AD Tramontana.


Fiat 500 Abarth 595 от Vilner. More Italian than the original


“The Italians definitely know how to make a good design,” says Atanas Vilner, the man behind the namesake art studio Vilner - brand that enriches the market for custom automotive creations for more than 20 years.


“Pagani” quality from Vilner inside the Bulgarian supercar Sin R1


As a Bulgarian manufacturer of supercars it may seems obvious for Sin Cars to choose the best local partner, a name that's world famous for making a top quality interiors. But oddly enough Vilner wasn't the first choice for cooperating with Sin Cars – several years ago other Bulgarian atelier was trusted to do the interior of the Sin R1. But the results back then were far from the requirements and expectations of Mr. Rossen Daskalov, the founder and CEO of Sin Cars, so he turned to Vilner for good.

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