TOP DECLASSIFIED: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT by Vilner. For the special forces


This car is a very special vehicle, not only because it’s based on the most powerful Jeep Gran Cherokee SRT version, but because of three initials. Not the SRT ones (those comes from the name of the Chrysler’s high-performance automotive group Street & Racing Technology) but because of SAS – the British Special Air Service.


The mystique Polish aristocrat: “Single Malt” Jag XJ by Vilner


This is the latest project of Art Studio Vilner and it’s based on a 2005 Jaguar XJ. The British executive limousine came from Poland and means so much for the owner, who continue to maintain the car in top condition. But some good treatmend was not enough - the polish aristocrat wanted for the Jag to receive a special interior. Not some clash modern stuff but a fine blend of classic elements implemented with a new twist.


Suzuki Intruder by Vilner. Patina and leather as a piece of art


Vilner’s opinion about the theme “Can a bike be art?” is clear, with this unique statement based on Suzuki’s Intruder – this bike says “definitely yes”. A modern interpretation of the classic cruiser made by Suzuki, which Vilner transformed into one-off mix of traditional leather treatment methods and state of art painting techniques. The result is a true piece of art.


Vilner’s 20th Anniversary Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake


“Vilner Studio 20 Years Anniversary“ stamp, the first car of a special series that will highlight those 20 years of experience, craftsmanship and perseverance of Art Studio Vilner.

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