Rimac Automobiles is the manufacturer of the world’s first completely electric supercar. The company joins the efforts of a family of enthusiast, engineers and designers on a quest to discover new ways of making cars faster as well as to prove that electric cars are a force to be reckoned with – much more than anyone ever imagined. Rimac Automobiles started by improving existing cars, now they revolutionize them.

Studio Vilner created the design and produced the interior of Rimac Concept One.


 Tramontana is a Spanish brand for exclusive handmade exotic sport cars. Every vehicle is manufactured by request and implements high tech construction and innovative design. In 2015 the Spanish brand started a sales partnership with Vilner





Vilner is an exclusive dealer of Z-Performance wheels and its products for brands like BMW, Mini, Audi, Mercedes etc.

We have maintained a long lasting relationship based on trust and quality. The products offered are tailored to the needs of our clients.



Simply Petrol

For the love of fine car art...

Simply Petrol offers excellent quality art & poster prints of cars created by various motoring artists around the globe. By purchasing an artwork, posterprint or a limited edition print you support their creativity. Regardless of the automotive era, brand, particular vehicle or artistic approach, Simply Petrol is a place for exclusive fine car art.






Tedo's Design

 My name is Stefan Dobrianov - Tedo, Santa Barbara California-based designer-artist. What I bring is a background of seventeen years as a designer and manufacturer of furniture, as the owner of my own company. 

What I present on the website of my good friends from Vilner Studio is something I always wanted to make - a custom  ride. So here's my understanding of STREET ART.



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