Ford Mustang GT with seats wrapped in genuine mustang leather. A project by Vilner Beijing


And nevertheless the huge quality leap for the interior compared to the MkV, the owner wanted something rather more special. He wanted not only a genuine leather but a leather from a real mustang horse. Complete with the hair...


Art from leather and metal. Jeep Wrangler Hunting Unlimited by Vilner


Raw and without compromises. These words are the perfect description of the newest project of Art Studio Vilner’s Chinese department. And the word ‘art’ is the third that can sum up the natural brutality of this Wrangler. The car is conceived by a local customer which is both a sculptor and a hunter. This may sound strange to some of you but the profession can differ by the hobby which is good thing and – for us - needs to be that way.


Morph by Vilner. With butterfly wings and Rolls style ‘night sky’ inside


This is the first 2017 project for Art Studio Vilner and it’s rather multilayered and on the edge to be provocative. It comes from the Vilner’s China shop and behind this car sits quite interesting story about nature and one of the most beautiful insects of the planet – the butterfly.


Electric shock: Tesla Model X by Vilner


The main color accent inside is the turquoise color, which can be associated as ‘the color of electricity’. Seat belts and the edging of the carpets are competed in that color. Even more ‘electric’ motives are the graphics that represent the printed circuit board pattern. That PCB motive can be found on the front central sections of the seats, where the V logo has been embroidered. The same ‘conductive tracking’ pattern covers the back of the seats and also on the bottom side of the dashboard binnacle, in form of a turquoise embroidery.

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