Fibra dе Carbono Rosso. Alfa Romeo Spider specially treated by Vilner.


Alfa Spider. Pure art on wheels. Vilner wanted to create a design masterpiece which is in perfect harmony with the character of the car. The name of the project? Fibra de Carbono Rosso.


Mini Cooper from Vilner Beijing


How eccentric One MINI could be? The newly opened Art Studio Vilner – China answers that question with one of the first cars made in Beijing. “Modesty” and “discreteness” are the words that are definitely not in place, when we speak for the lady that commissioned this project. The young actress Tyan Lynn moved to Beijing in 2011, together with her beloved MINI One Cabrio R57. Lynn also bought a brand new JCW F56, but nevertheless she decided to give the old One some extensive 'Vilner' therapy.


E38 BMW 750i by Vilner is looking for a new owner


The aftermarket specialists from Vilner tuner have been working their magic on this iconic E38 BMW 750i for quite some time, and now the model is ready to find its owner for just 23 000€. The rare BMW 750i is in tip top shape, with full service history and every consumable changed. The interior is all upgraded in Vilner style, with high grade materials and a fine taste, including elements adorned in Alcantara, grey-leather dressed dashboard, decorative white stitching on the doors and seats, black piano varnish elements, and blue accents throughout the interior, reminiscent of the new BMW i Series. The attention to details is so exquisite, that even the rear-view mirror is wrapped in Alcantara and the mechanisms of the seat belts in leather.


Bentley Continental GT by Vilner


We all know Vilner as crafters of some of the best interior programs in the business, but it really outdid itself this time. This extensive project also included some insane work on the exterior and, best of all, a performance program that really gave the Continental GT some serious horses under its hood.

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