Morph by Vilner. With butterfly wings and Rolls style ‘night sky’ inside


This is the first 2017 project for Art Studio Vilner and it’s rather multilayered and on the edge to be provocative. It comes from the Vilner’s China shop and behind this car sits quite interesting story about nature and one of the most beautiful insects of the planet – the butterfly.


Electric shock: Tesla Model X by Vilner


The main color accent inside is the turquoise color, which can be associated as ‘the color of electricity’. Seat belts and the edging of the carpets are competed in that color. Even more ‘electric’ motives are the graphics that represent the printed circuit board pattern. That PCB motive can be found on the front central sections of the seats, where the V logo has been embroidered. The same ‘conductive tracking’ pattern covers the back of the seats and also on the bottom side of the dashboard binnacle, in form of a turquoise embroidery.


Gipsy King: The Royal S-Class by Vilner


This is one of the latest projects completed by Art Studio Vilner. It’s based on a S 63 AMG which is the top spec S-Class, except S 65 AMG and the Maybach, which is actually a separate model. The client wanted this S 63 with 585 hp with a top spec interior. But the problem was that the AMG and Designio options lists were not able to fulfill all of his wishes, which led ‘The King’ (the customer wanted from us to not reveal his actual name) to the Art Studio Vilner.


Vilner – Your Style Inside отбелязва 20 годишен юбилей с изложбата Vilner: 20 години в 20 творби.


С 20 дизайнерски проекта, първата изложба на студио Вилнер разказва за трансформацията на съществуващи обекти на индустриалния дизайн в уникални, персонализирани и в същото време функционални аксесоари. С нов контекст и предизвикателна комбинация от форми, цветове и материи, българският автомобилен дизайн никога не е бил толкова жизнен.

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